Wordless Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Christina J. says:

    Beautiful! I live in KY too-6B, so I just started following you. I’m trying to grow picotee ranunculous for the first time, and the nursery told me to plant the corms s soon as possible. However, I’m nervous bc everything on-line says to plant in early spring here or in a greenhouse in the fall? Since you live in zone 6 as well, what would you do? I considered just potting them and growing indoors? Idk what to do lol


    • freshcutky says:

      Hi! Welcome! The first time I grew ranunculus, I was in a similar situation. I planted them in April, and the results were awful! Being honest, I don’t even think the corms would grow if you planted them outside now. It’s just too hot. To sprout, they like when temperatures are on the cool side, usually the 50s-60s range. I would wait until fall, or possibly try growing them indoors (though ive never tried growing them inside). Hope I was able to help! Good luck!


  2. Ashley says:

    This flowers seem so fresh and bloomed so perfectly. The colors are so vibrant pinkish, peach, reddish, and more pink. I love them all. Bouquet formed is seriously mesmerizing. Thank You for sharing with us.


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